Lumière plane

Lumière plane

Location: Paphos, Cyprus

Year: 2018

Type: competition


The proposal for Geroskipou beach cinema focused on the theme of light to create an installation which goes beyond a simple cinema to offer a range of new functions for the area during the day and night.

The installation is composed of a circular angled plane constructed in steel and wrapped in white tensile PTFE fabric. By day the screen acts as a parasol creating a shaded gathering space on the beach. At night the installation becomes a screen upon which movies can be projected. Reclined seating allows visitors to watch the screen floating in the sky with the Mediterranean sea as a backdrop. LED lights held within the skin allow the plane to be used as a spotlight to host theatrical & musical events by illuminating a temporary performance space on the beach – the furniture can be reconfigured to create informal bench seating. When not in use the screen becomes an illuminated circular beacon on the shore giving the area a new landmark. The screen’s colour can be changed throughout the evening bathing visitors in coloured light. The simple structure is cheap to construct and easy to install & dismantle depending on seasonal demand.