Guachupita – workshop 1

Location:  Santo Domingo, Dominican republic

Year: 2018

Type: research / workshop

Collaborator: Brama group

Collaborator: Centro popular de salud de Guachupita


Guachupita is one of the poorest and most dangerous neighbourhoods in the Dominican capital of Santo Domingo. The site is the focus of an ongoing research project conducted by studio PARE & Brama group in an attempt to improve the lives of the local inhabitants through small scale design interventions. The project seeks to engage the local population and community leaders to highlight key problems within the area using a laboratory format workshop to find practical design improvements.

An introductory workshop was held in November 2018 inviting local children to construct and fly kites – a popular and low cost activity in the city. The purpose of the workshop is to highlight the potential of design to enrich life through mutual learning and teamwork. The event was also an opportunity to open a diaglogue between key members of the Guachupita zone with the collective goal of improving living conditions.